Political and Security Risk Reporting

We provide two regular reporting services: the Assynt Report and our Global Terrorism Intelligence Service.

The Assynt Report was established in 2003 at the request of a global financial institution concerned at the lack of executive-level strategic political and security risk analysis available. We are widely recognised as the market leader in predictive analysis. We monitor carefully-selected information sources on a daily basis, as well as private ones, producing reports that are based on rigorous analysis and a strong editorial process. We put the information into contexts which may not have been considered and, by making you better informed, we help your business to maximise the opportunities and manage the risks in complex regions.

Our Global Terrorism Intelligence Service (GTIS) provides comprehensive but digestible global analysis of jihadist incidents and developments, as well as assessments of other forms of Islamic militancy. The service draws on our unique expertise in Islamic extremism and provides clear, forward-looking assessments of the political and security consequences of militant incidents. GTIS is the only publicly available service for those looking to understand and stay ahead of the ever-changing jihadist threat.

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