Amelie de Borchgravelink
Director, Business Intelligence

James Brandonlink
Head, Political & Security Risk

Zoe Mageelink
Senior Analyst, Business & Political Intelligence

Edward Morellolink
Head of Client Relations

Dan Arensonlink
Senior Analyst, Business & Strategic Intelligence

Amelie de Borchgrave has led a wide range of multi-jurisdictional intelligence assignments since joining Stirling Assynt in 2011. She advises corporates and individuals on the reputational and business risks they face and has particular expertise in the markets of the Former Soviet Union, Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa. Prior to joining the company, she worked in Deloitte LLP’s Business Intelligence Services team. Amelie holds a BA in Hispanic and Latin American Studies and Russian, and is fluent in French and Spanish and proficient in Russian and Portuguese.