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Political and Security Risk - The Assynt Report

Our Political and Security Risk reporting has established a market-leading, global reputation for predictive analysis and integrity. The service consists of two major components:

  • The Assynt Report, which has gained a reputation as one of the world's most reliable sources of regular, actionable and forward-looking reporting on Country Risk.

    Since 2003, we have become known for the integrity and quality of our analysis. Our regular reporting is business-focused and appeals to experts and newcomers alike, both within and outside the security arena. We cover an expanding list of countries (currently 33 - see our coverage) and provide reports every two weeks, short country papers and Special Reports on the key threats, all in a format that you can easily issue to colleagues, re-badged as your own corporate product. Our reporting is not just a re-hash of the news, but is actionable analysis on which clients can make strategic business decisions. We are well known for sticking our necks out and our value lies in our reasoned predictions which are consistently proved to be credible and accurate.

    We produce highly-regarded reporting on al-Qaeda, including Black Banners Monthly, a paper on the strategy and activity of the jihadists, as well as Special Reports. We have an unrivalled knowledge of the jihadists' culture and ideology, which enables us to make reasoned predictions with authority.

Bespoke work

  • In addition to our regular reports, we also produce bespoke deep-dive reports which answer client-specific issues or concerns. Our network of contacts gives us truly global coverage enabling us to report beyond our usual 33 countries. We provide a consultative service rather than just a written report, meaning that we can get to the heart of the issues confronting clients and provide them with clear guidance as to the probable course of events.

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