Sanitised samples of our reporting

We have completed investigations in over 90 countries. If you would like to see a sanitised sample of our Business Intelligence Reports please click here. We have samples covering these countries:

  • - Argentina
  • - Turkey
  • - Russia
  • - China
  • - India
  • - Ukraine
  • - Uganda
  • - Angola
  • - Peru
  • - Egypt
  • - Equatorial Guinea
  • - Mongolia
  • - Spain
  • - Bahrain

We provide the strategic business intelligence needed to ensure that clients have the depth of information necessary to aid the decision-making process.

Our approach, in contrast to other suppliers, is to offer transparency of sourcing and an informal dialogue on all aspects of the work in hand as well as easy access to all our senior analysts and researchers. Our reports include conclusions and recommend actions where appropriate.

Enhanced Due Diligence

We check the background, credibility and ethical status of potential or existing business partners reducing risk, guarding reputation and preventing financial loss. We provide high-quality research and analysis, having access to global and local commercial databases and an international network of trusted and well-placed consultants who provide extensive local experience and perspective.

New Market Entry

Where clients wish to enter new and unfamiliar markets, we provide strategic intelligence on national, regional and local issues including the identification of key commercial and political stakeholders.

Crisis Resolution

When ventures face problems such as involvement in corruption, unethical or criminal behavior or political intervention, we identify the issues and offer solutions.

We offer ongoing advice and support, and flexibility in the way our reporting to clients is managed.